Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Ranch

Please tell me you're laughing. No normal person can see this fluffy baby and not literally laugh out loud! This is at Grandpa's Ranch. There's something about going up north and sitting in thick super comfy green grass that would put this kind of goofy grin on anyones face. Does she not look happy? Sorry, she's mine. I get to squeeze her whenever I want. I also get to nibble on those fat cheeks and see those big blue eyes disappear when she smiles so big. Mine. :)

Cousins are the best! We got to bring Aiden up with us a couple times this summer and he was surrounded by girls most of time! What a trooper. These guys would spend forever in the play house and amazingly, no one came in bleeding!!

Our great friends came up for the 24th celebration. Josh and Sadie and their 3 boys were so much fun to have up there. We're watching the St. John's rodeo here. I just love how D can hang with the guys!

Jenna's Cheerio mouth! This was one of the first times I saw her do it, but now it's a constant! Those little lips are just so kissable!

There's an afternoon shower almost daily up there and the girls HAD to get their "baby soups" on! This is Crystal and Abby ( Shelly's kids ) with Daisy. Those girls are just glowing with cousin love!!

Utah!! For Grandma's 90 Birthday!!

We went to Utah for my sweet Grandma Gunderson's 90th birthday! We drove up with my sister Cherise's family in their motor home and holy cow was that nice! No stopping to eat or change diapers! We watched movies and played games and even took very comfortable naps. So fun!
Daisy decided to get a little reading time in on our way up. Did I mention how awesome the motor home was? Not one time did either of my kids say, " I want out!"

This is my incredible Grandma Gunderson. She has this contagious laugh that draws you in. She's almost completely blind but still lives by herself and has a pot of fresh stew and hot bread every time we come to her house. She sends a birthday card to all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren every year (130 something people I think). Whenever we talk on the phone, I always get a little sting in my eye thinking that it could be the last time I hear that wonderful laugh of hers. I love and admire this woman so much for her incredible example of optimism and kindness. She has spunk too! We often quote her when we say, " If you've got it, flaunt it!" or " Oh, you can always sneak one in." ( talking about having children if your husband says no more!) How could you not love this woman!? I'm so blessed to have her!

Our family with Grandma Great!!!

Four generations of crazy spunky girls! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


We went to visit some friends in Santa Monica and had the best time! The weather was amazing, the beach was beautiful, and it's always good to see fun friends! Note the sand all over Jenna's mouth. She ate it all day!

This is our so cute friend and amazing hostess Brittny. We made her pose so we could take a picture of her wedding ring. Holy crap! Right?! I love it! Go big or go home!

No Daisy did nothing evil to Jenna! The girl never even lays a finger on her! I think Jenna's mad cause she just realized that the sand doesn't taste like chocolate.

Daisy made sand castles all day! She loved the beach and says she's going back in a minute. :)

Scott and Brad ( Brittny's hubby) were roommates at UCI and played soccer there together. They got to go to the LA Galaxy vs. Barcelona game and loved it! Those are happy boys huh!