Saturday, September 5, 2009


We went to visit some friends in Santa Monica and had the best time! The weather was amazing, the beach was beautiful, and it's always good to see fun friends! Note the sand all over Jenna's mouth. She ate it all day!

This is our so cute friend and amazing hostess Brittny. We made her pose so we could take a picture of her wedding ring. Holy crap! Right?! I love it! Go big or go home!

No Daisy did nothing evil to Jenna! The girl never even lays a finger on her! I think Jenna's mad cause she just realized that the sand doesn't taste like chocolate.

Daisy made sand castles all day! She loved the beach and says she's going back in a minute. :)

Scott and Brad ( Brittny's hubby) were roommates at UCI and played soccer there together. They got to go to the LA Galaxy vs. Barcelona game and loved it! Those are happy boys huh!


Ashley said...

So fun! Your girls look like they are in heaven at the beach (well, not so much Jenna in the crying picture, sad baby!)

It was SO wonderful to see you both on Thursday, thank you so much for coming! We'll have to get together soon - and I REALLY mean it!

Jacque said...


I am dying to go to Cali for a trip!
I am so jealous! You look so great!
Your girls are beautiful! I miss Jenna's chubbiness...Bring her around more!!