Thursday, February 19, 2009

We've Moved!!!

   We are now in our new house that is slowly but surely turning  into a home.  Moving is horrible!  But once your done and settled it's a little refreshing.  Cleaning out your cupboards and closets rarely happen when you stay in the same house forever.  Or is that just me?  Anyways!  We don't have Internet at our new home for now so this will be my last post for a bit.  I'm so sad!  Blogging was becoming  a fun outlet!  Oh well.        
So until who knows when!  I hope you all stay healthy and happy!                             

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ya, She Looks All Sweet and Innocent

Miss Jenna caused some drama at church today. Scott was at work so I was flying solo and Jenna decided to get a little fussy during sacrament mtg. Well, my only choice at the moment was to gather the diaper bag, Jenna, and loud Daisy and get to the mothers lounge. It wasn't until I got in front of the mirror that I realized Jenna had pooped all over the front of my white shirt. I always bring a change of clothes for Jenna but hadn't thought of a change of clothes for myself! So of course I have to trudge back into sacrament mtg and gather all my goods with Daisy saying ( not quietly) " Mom! Bubye?" We made quite the scene. Anyways I hope there are brownie points in heaven for moms who try to conquer church by themselves!!! You all get an E!! For Effort!!! Even if you do go home early.