Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Snuggle Bug!

You know the kind of babies that you can only describe with food words? Like delicious, yummy, or nibblable? OK so I made nibblable up, but you know what I mean! That's my Jenna. I would eat her up if I could but I can't so I just nibble on her ever growing fat rolls!
Scott handed her to me with this sticker on her forehead and it made me giggle so...

The Great White Hunter

Those of you who are pro Bambi better not read this post. Scott shot his first bull elk!! I was all weird about the hunting thing until Scott convinced me that it was completely necessary for population control... Anyway! He brought home the meat and we made some awesome food storage!
Ah. A perfect family picture, except that Jenna's missing and there's a huge animal head in her place. Don't mistake my face for super happy, I'm just freaked out that this huge elk head is way too close to mine!

The butchers are here! Scott's little brother Jason was there too but unfortunately, I didn't catch a shot of his face! It was priceless. Scott skinned the elk at my parents ranch and brought it straight home to be bottled.

This is my mom The Cannery Queen!! That's five pressure cookers we have going all full of delicious elk meet! I'm not kidding it was so good! We made some green chili burros and they were awesome!

By the end of the day we had 120lbs of elk meet and we threw in 75lbs of chicken for kicks and giggles! Thanks to everyone that helped!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Terrible Two's are Sooo Real!!

Ah. My beautiful daughter will be two January 16th, and she's decided to make me a believer in " The Terrible Two's"! I used to see naughty kids and think that their parents needed to do some damage, but NOW! I'm tellin YOU!! It does not matter what I threaten to take away or threaten to do...
I don't know if there's a smell or if she knows that I need to get something done but Walmart is the last place I ever want to go with Daisy. On that note I think ALL kids hate that place! I don't think there has ever been a time where I've gone and not seen some poor parent trying to please their rotten kid out of pitching a humiliating fit! Well last week was my turn. After whining about getting out of the cart for the first 15 minutes I finally let her down. DUMB!! It all went down hill from there and I ended up saying " Bu bye Daisy! I love you!" as she lied face down on the nasty concrete floor kicking, screaming, and crying. Meanwhile other parents were walking by just grateful that it was my turn and not theirs. I hate Walmart.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Who You Know

Scott got a call from our good friend Cameron to go to the Suns game! Well as you can see they had great seats! You know you're sittin nice and close when you can see the sweat on Shaq's face! Thanks Cam!
I don't know if it's because I have a thing for soccer players, but Nash is one of my favorite!

Jenna's Fans are Calling!

There has been a request for more Jenna pictures! This baby is the sweetest thing EVER! She really hardly ever makes a peep, she smiles like crazy when you catch her eye, and she sleeps through the night (most of the time:) Does it get better than that? Somehow she has this brown hair that doesn't seem to be getting lighter yet, and deep blue eyes ( beautiful combo). We ALL truly adore this girl. She has a special sweet little spirit that brings a ton of smiles into our little family.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Jenna already loves Daisy! I don't know why!!!! She sits on her face and squeezes her head!
I think there's a special bond between sisters. The little one ALWAYS looks up to the bigger one and the bigger one ALWAYS looks out for the little one. They can say things to each other they would NEVER say to others and it's ok! Well, most of the time!
I pray that these two will have the sister's love that I've been blessed with. I grew up with three older sisters, and even though we had to enforce the $5 rule and suffer more than enough dead legs, I LOVE having sisters!
FYI- The $5 rule was if you were caught wearing someone elses clothes (without asking)you owe the 5 bucks!

Cousin Fun!

These are some of Daisy's cousins. I know I mention them a lot but they are truly Daisy's favorite! She's got 20 between Scott's and my family and LOVES every last one of them! She is literally standing by the computer giggling just looking at this picture. :)

We put big t-shirts on all the kids and then stuffed balloons in them. We then paired them off to see who could pop it the fastest. Daisy lost miserably. She wanted the balloon too much to pop it! We go to all extremes to entertain these kids for even a few minutes. Try this one at home it's a crack up! Thanks Dave and Shel!


We had a couple of rainy days around Thanksgiving and we just happened to catch a FULL rainbow. Like really! A full arch, pot-of-gold-at-the-end rainbow! The picture doesn't do it justice. You're thinking, " Yikes Janelle. Ever see a rainbow before?" But this one was beautiful. And I spared you all from the kissing picture! :)

Jenna's Blessing

My sweet Jenna was blessed on November 23rd. Of course she didn't cry because she NEVER cries! Thank you so much to the family and friends that came to show support. This little baby has no idea how many people love her. How blessed she is! How blessed WE are!