Monday, October 27, 2008

So Cute

After we put about a million princess dresses on, we decided that Daisy's just too cute as Minnie Mouse. We were at Nana and Papa's house (Scott's parents) and she had just about had it with pictures at this point so no smiles.
Oh my little flower! We had just ripped out the pacifier so her lips are all puckered up and so kissable! I love this costume. It's warm and comfy so it just made sense!

Funny Girl

Pretty! This is Daisy and Reese trying on Halloween costumes. Cherise, my sister, had a whole slew of princess dresses and all Daisy could do was keep saying, " Pretty mama pretty!"

It's happened. She was drawing on PAPER when I looked away and then... naughty! She's done a few times since and thinks it's pretty flippen awesome. Dang, look at those thighs. You kinda want to squeeeeze 'em!

We went to Sportsman's to just look around on a random Saturday morning. Scott is like a kid in a candy store at this place. They happened to have Customer in Training shopping carts for kids to push around the store. Aside from running into her dad's heels every other minute, Daisy did some SHOPPIN! You can't see it but she grabbed herself a puzzle and couldn't pass up the Anti Monkey Butt Powder, not one but two!

First Sunday

Jenna got to go to church for the first time this last Sunday and slept the entire time. :) This made me just a little sad because she spent the whole time u=in her car seat and I never got to show off this adorable dress that my good friends gave me! Oh well! She's so much stinken fun!

Good Dog

This is our dog Rocky. He's a boxer and lives up to boxer reputation of being great with kids. Daisy is actually being very tame with him in this photo. She usually acts like she's bronc riding by grabbing his collar and jumping up and down yelling, "Yee Haw!" When he finally has enough he just calmly gets up and she rolls off and says, "Oh. Puppy."


Scott is from Colorado. There are some places that just have die hard fans. A few that come to mind are the Boston Red Sox, the California Raiders, and of course the Denver Broncos. When I came into the Douglas family there were a couple key points before true acceptance. One was, "Are you a Broncos fan?" I was previously a DeWitt and had never watched a football game on purpose so, heck ya I was a Broncos fan! :) I now know what the yellow flag means, which one the tight end is, (not the guy w/ the best hiney), and that those great big guys are essential even if they look like they can't even move. So this is a night at the Douglas home cheering on our Denver Broncos! This is Scott with Daisy and Aiden her cousin.

If you look really close that is a Broncos shirt on even Jenna. Poor girl doesn't even get a choice! As you can see it's getting late for Daisy. (my little grumpy gills).

Yup! Here's the clan. Well, almost! We were missing a few. Can you guess who's the biggest fan of all!? Scott looks a little nuts when he's really excited. Did I mention he wants seven kids because it's John Elway's number?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Here!!!!!

Yes, it's true! The cool weather is on it's way! Today Daisy was asking for "nanigh". I told her heck ya you can go to bed! It was only like 10AM! She of course said " No. Nanigh!" I finally put together that she wanted a blanket. Dumb mom. I suppose this morning when we realized that it was cool outside and we ran around opening ALL the windows (and turning off the ac of course) it might have cooled the house to degrees that my little ones not quite used to. Now we actually have to get her dressed every day instead of let her run around in her diaper. Sad. Oh, I can't wait for hot chocolate and sweaters! I'm thinken that only my fellow Arizonans know what I'm feeling here. :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Catchin Some Z's

Ahhhh. Isn't this the sweetest? I don't know if there's a better way to nap than with a warm yummy baby nestled next to you. We moved in with my parents for a few months until our house is ready and I'm tellin you! This is the life! I am serious! My family is so envious because I have my mommy to help out with EVERYTHING! Thanks mom!
Like mother like daughter! Anyone close to me knows that I'm gone as soon as my hands snuggle next to my face. Well, here's Jenna doing the exact same thing. :) Her cheeks are starting to get chunky and I love it! More surface area for my kisses!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend!!

I always looked forward to conference weekend. You get a little break from curling your hair and wearing a dress! With kids it's just a little different. No nursery. I still thoroughly enjoy conference weekend. I always feel uplifted and rededicated. This was one of the ways we tried to keep Daisy busy and...let's face it, Scott too! We haven't built a fort in a long time, but now that we've started I'm sure D will be beggin for them constantly!

Sorry! This shot was just too stinken funny! Daddy was being sweet and changed D's diaper and she wound up with a right cheek wedgie for a good part of the day. :) I could have fixed it but why fix something that makes you smile?

Did I mention Daisy loves horses? Our neighbor across the street has a few animals and she has NO FEAR! She would feed them forever if she could. This is definitely Scott's and my bargaining tool for just about everything. This was, " Let's go outside so mommy and Jenna can sleep." Thanks babe!

Friday, October 3, 2008

These are a Few of Her Favorite Things!

Daddy took Daisy hiking at Peralta trail. Looks like we've got ourselves a little rock climber!
"Mimming!!!" Daisy pretty much asks everyday for three things... "Memo, Tito, and mimming." Which in translation is Elmo, Crystal (her cousin), and swimming. Here she is in Colorado about to go swimming in a freezing cold creek with her daddy and Nana.

Yes that's my daughter riding a GOAT! And yes it was our goat. We actually had two great big goats for a while which is so not me, but so my hubby. Daisy really prefers horses but the goat ate the weeds. Yep country folk!! Oh! Here's the reason why we got rid of brown goat (I didn't like him enough to give him a name). Scott was at work and as I was making breakfast for Daisy I heard this goat scream "GAAAHHH!!" (try to imagine). So I go outside to see that brown goat has managed to completely bind himself with his front hooves at his ears to the tether of a 5oft long chain. Good grief. I debated on leaving him there until Scott got home...the next morning. Then I saw goats face. Have you ever watched Ren and Stimpy? You know the part when they choke each other and their eyes pop out and tongue looks like a weird extension of their face? Well, that was brown goat. So after I cut my hands all up -did I mention I'm like 6months prego? Anyways, I untie him and he's so flustered that he head butts Daisy and sends her flying! What's a mom to do? Unfortunately I found out that brown goat has a ridiculously hard head AFTER I took a wind up punch at him. OUCH! Brown goat went bubye the next day.

Daisy went to her cousin Ali's soccer game and found dirt of course. Scott and I have tried to make Daisy a tough girl so whenever she falls or bonks her head we say "rub it out" or clap with a "good job!". So our friend was pretty shocked when dad was kickin the ball around and took out D's legs (on total accident I'm sure) and she popped right up to get the ball and kick it back! Note how red her cheeks are! Summers in AZ are so stinken hot! Poor girl.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Did It!...Sort of.

Well, It seems only appropriate now that we have a real stinken family with kids and everything that I start this blogging thing! So I'm completely computer illiterate and had to stalk my genius sister down to help me. Thanks Nae! I hope this is something that friends and family will enjoy and it's also a great way for me to actually document some of our little families adventures! Heaven knows that I am no good at keeping a journal. I was instructed to NOT care if I sound like a total goober and just write, so... Enjoy!!!

It's a Girl...Again!

Here it is! Our little family. Introductions- Scotty was born in Colorado, is a firefighter/paramedic, loves ANYTHING outdoors, and is wrapped around two little girls fingers. I am an AZ native, an orthodontic assistant once a week, and can't find anything more enjoyable than running in crisp cool air with super loud LOUD music screaming in my ears...except being a mommy...right? :) Daisy Bliss is our first daughter. She loves all animals, especially horses. She'd live outside if she could! Daisy also fools people often with her cute little smile, curly blond hair, and a voice that sounds kind of like a Wooki(sp) Jenna is our latest addition! Although personality traits are hard to determine at this point, she rarely cries and has given her mom a few 4-5 hour stretches of sleep at night. So needless to say we love her! So that's the shortened version of our sweet family.