Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Snuggle Bug!

You know the kind of babies that you can only describe with food words? Like delicious, yummy, or nibblable? OK so I made nibblable up, but you know what I mean! That's my Jenna. I would eat her up if I could but I can't so I just nibble on her ever growing fat rolls!
Scott handed her to me with this sticker on her forehead and it made me giggle so...

The Great White Hunter

Those of you who are pro Bambi better not read this post. Scott shot his first bull elk!! I was all weird about the hunting thing until Scott convinced me that it was completely necessary for population control... Anyway! He brought home the meat and we made some awesome food storage!
Ah. A perfect family picture, except that Jenna's missing and there's a huge animal head in her place. Don't mistake my face for super happy, I'm just freaked out that this huge elk head is way too close to mine!

The butchers are here! Scott's little brother Jason was there too but unfortunately, I didn't catch a shot of his face! It was priceless. Scott skinned the elk at my parents ranch and brought it straight home to be bottled.

This is my mom The Cannery Queen!! That's five pressure cookers we have going all full of delicious elk meet! I'm not kidding it was so good! We made some green chili burros and they were awesome!

By the end of the day we had 120lbs of elk meet and we threw in 75lbs of chicken for kicks and giggles! Thanks to everyone that helped!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Terrible Two's are Sooo Real!!

Ah. My beautiful daughter will be two January 16th, and she's decided to make me a believer in " The Terrible Two's"! I used to see naughty kids and think that their parents needed to do some damage, but NOW! I'm tellin YOU!! It does not matter what I threaten to take away or threaten to do...
I don't know if there's a smell or if she knows that I need to get something done but Walmart is the last place I ever want to go with Daisy. On that note I think ALL kids hate that place! I don't think there has ever been a time where I've gone and not seen some poor parent trying to please their rotten kid out of pitching a humiliating fit! Well last week was my turn. After whining about getting out of the cart for the first 15 minutes I finally let her down. DUMB!! It all went down hill from there and I ended up saying " Bu bye Daisy! I love you!" as she lied face down on the nasty concrete floor kicking, screaming, and crying. Meanwhile other parents were walking by just grateful that it was my turn and not theirs. I hate Walmart.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Who You Know

Scott got a call from our good friend Cameron to go to the Suns game! Well as you can see they had great seats! You know you're sittin nice and close when you can see the sweat on Shaq's face! Thanks Cam!
I don't know if it's because I have a thing for soccer players, but Nash is one of my favorite!

Jenna's Fans are Calling!

There has been a request for more Jenna pictures! This baby is the sweetest thing EVER! She really hardly ever makes a peep, she smiles like crazy when you catch her eye, and she sleeps through the night (most of the time:) Does it get better than that? Somehow she has this brown hair that doesn't seem to be getting lighter yet, and deep blue eyes ( beautiful combo). We ALL truly adore this girl. She has a special sweet little spirit that brings a ton of smiles into our little family.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Jenna already loves Daisy! I don't know why!!!! She sits on her face and squeezes her head!
I think there's a special bond between sisters. The little one ALWAYS looks up to the bigger one and the bigger one ALWAYS looks out for the little one. They can say things to each other they would NEVER say to others and it's ok! Well, most of the time!
I pray that these two will have the sister's love that I've been blessed with. I grew up with three older sisters, and even though we had to enforce the $5 rule and suffer more than enough dead legs, I LOVE having sisters!
FYI- The $5 rule was if you were caught wearing someone elses clothes (without asking)you owe the 5 bucks!

Cousin Fun!

These are some of Daisy's cousins. I know I mention them a lot but they are truly Daisy's favorite! She's got 20 between Scott's and my family and LOVES every last one of them! She is literally standing by the computer giggling just looking at this picture. :)

We put big t-shirts on all the kids and then stuffed balloons in them. We then paired them off to see who could pop it the fastest. Daisy lost miserably. She wanted the balloon too much to pop it! We go to all extremes to entertain these kids for even a few minutes. Try this one at home it's a crack up! Thanks Dave and Shel!


We had a couple of rainy days around Thanksgiving and we just happened to catch a FULL rainbow. Like really! A full arch, pot-of-gold-at-the-end rainbow! The picture doesn't do it justice. You're thinking, " Yikes Janelle. Ever see a rainbow before?" But this one was beautiful. And I spared you all from the kissing picture! :)

Jenna's Blessing

My sweet Jenna was blessed on November 23rd. Of course she didn't cry because she NEVER cries! Thank you so much to the family and friends that came to show support. This little baby has no idea how many people love her. How blessed she is! How blessed WE are!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


That is a theater full of women at 11:30pm waiting for the midnight showing of Twilight to start. I need to mention that most of them have been in line since about 7:30pm and some since that morning! There were 9 other theaters sold out as well. We had so much fun giggling, talking and sometimes screaming like 12 year olds. The lady on the right is my Aunt Philis from Utah. She had been in the car for 12 hours that day and still tuffed out a bunch of crazy girls in love with a vampire. I'm gonna risk the chance of sounding REALLY dumb, but it was so fun to see all different types of people in the same place with something in common...kinda like the 4th of July but not. (Yeah that sounded dumb).

Scott's 28!

Blowing out the candles!! I'm sure he's wishing for world peace or more likely hunting equipment.
Happy birthday to Scott! We celebrated Scott's birthday at his parents house the 16th. Yummy food, good gifts, and family always make for a perfect celebration. That little girl loves her daddy!

Gilbert Days!

Every year in the fall we celebrate Gilbert Days! We all meet at the parade and drink hot chocolate while we wait for our favorite float. Everyone's is different but we all agree that the marching band is the best to dance to. This is my sister Cherise dancing with Daisy and Reese. Might I add it takes some major muscles to not just hold these two but dance with them? Yowza!

Yep! That's my kid playing in the street!

It's kinda strange to think that 13 years ago I was holding Victoria probably in the exact same spot for the same occasion! Yikes! I'm having a moment.

Cousins! These are just a few, but I think that they are Daisy's happy place. She begs to see any of them daily.

Mother Daisy

Daisy was named after Scott's Great Grandma. Everyone called her Mother Daisy and the maternal instinct must come with the name. This is Daisy nursing her baby. I walked in on her so into Sesame Street and nursing that I literally went and got my camera came back and snapped the picture without her even blinking.

Somehow I wish that I could actually teach her how to change Jenna's diaper instead of just her baby doll.

Miss Bliss getting in trouble for wasting wipes! Yes, that's what she does when I'm disciplining! She smiles like, " My cute face might get me out of this."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dang She's Cute !

Those of you that know Scott don't have any questions about this picture. That is an empty case of Diet Caffeine Free Dr Pepper (almost as good as the real stuff...:) on my daughters head. Someone once told me that Scott will forever keep me young. I think I'll have some pretty gnarly laugh lines though.

Tumbleweed park

This is Tumbleweed Park. It's the kind of park that accommodates most ages. It has the slow and steady slides and then it has the wedgie making slides. For some reason Daisy likes the wedgie slides! Here's Daddy and D on a slow and steady slide.
Now D has gained some confidence and starts goin for the big kid stuff.

Somehow Scott caught the tragedy on camera! D's little body was bashed face first into the side of the slide. So sad. Impressive photography though! Note the shoe streaks above D's head from all the other kids trying to stop themselves from this same catastrophe. It makes me think of that movie, A Christmas Story, when the kids get shoved down the big scary slide screaming after they tell Santa what they want.

And that was the end of our day at the park. Most of the other parents there thought we were pretty stinken sick for taking pictures of our screaming baby but our theory is "Rub it out." or "Hey! You're not bleeding!" Don't worry! We still comfort and love our children too!


Scott and I are living at my parents house until we move into our house in a few months. It's really been great! No! Really! OK, so the other morning we got a phone call at like 5:30AM! Who does that?! Anyways, I didn't think much of it until I heard a huge SLAM on our bedroom door...huh? So of course I wake Scott up to check it out! He fully grabs our gun to go looking through the house for whatever maniac banged on our door and ran. Sadly all he found was my humiliated father. Why was he humiliated you ask? Well, when he heard the phone ring he was working out in his gym down the hall from our room. He b-lined it to get the phone before it woke any of us up. So here we have a pitch black hallway and a man who just jumped off a treadmill. Unfortunately he thought there was just about five more feet of hallway before his turn and he right on bug smashed into our door. (Just writing this down makes me laugh until tears come.) I hope you all have the same sick sence of humor as me and truly don't find many things funnier than people running into screen doors, sliding glass doors, or in this case just a straight up in your face door. Love you Daddy! Next time just let it ring.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bapa and Daisy

Honest! Does it get sweeter? Daisy keeps my dad entertained pretty much all the time. She follows him everywhere!
Funny how the poor girl doesn't even think twice! She's sitting on a bunch of twigs and bushes with no shoes thinking, "Hey, life's good."

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Halloween

Now, before you go off on how Janelle got fat face... remember that I just had a baby sixish weeks ago and EVERYONE has fat face when they take a picture of themselves! Then why would you take a picture of yourself you ask? What better way to capture my hillbilly costume! duh. It's gonna take a whole lot of strength or is it humility to click on that PUBLISH POST button.
I don't quite know how to put these pictures in order yet, but here's the aftermath of our Trick or Treating! Can we say tired?

Daisy was too excited for the next house to even make eye contact! We couldn't get the words "Trick or Treat" to sound right so we opted for "Peeese?" and "Daytoo!" It worked. Her cousin Aiden is the cute little bumble bee. We all worked on keeping his eyes in view. Yup! That's Daddy! He was on shift that day but begged for a few hours off so he could be w/ the fam to trick or treat. What a good Dad! What the heck is that on his head? He claims it was a costume, but really it was an odd distraction that kept him swinging his head like Stevie Wonder cause he thought it was cool.

As you can see this is at the beginning of our evening! All smiles. This is another cousin Abby. Daisy seriously loves her cousins. She often hops on the piano and pounds out a song with lyricks like, "badoo mama! obsder Tito! Lala Abby!" The list goes on. On occasion we get a " whashawhasha bpthbthppbbth!" That's the noise that happens when you stick out your tongue and blow. We don't know who that is yet.


Monday, October 27, 2008

So Cute

After we put about a million princess dresses on, we decided that Daisy's just too cute as Minnie Mouse. We were at Nana and Papa's house (Scott's parents) and she had just about had it with pictures at this point so no smiles.
Oh my little flower! We had just ripped out the pacifier so her lips are all puckered up and so kissable! I love this costume. It's warm and comfy so it just made sense!

Funny Girl

Pretty! This is Daisy and Reese trying on Halloween costumes. Cherise, my sister, had a whole slew of princess dresses and all Daisy could do was keep saying, " Pretty mama pretty!"

It's happened. She was drawing on PAPER when I looked away and then... naughty! She's done a few times since and thinks it's pretty flippen awesome. Dang, look at those thighs. You kinda want to squeeeeze 'em!

We went to Sportsman's to just look around on a random Saturday morning. Scott is like a kid in a candy store at this place. They happened to have Customer in Training shopping carts for kids to push around the store. Aside from running into her dad's heels every other minute, Daisy did some SHOPPIN! You can't see it but she grabbed herself a puzzle and couldn't pass up the Anti Monkey Butt Powder, not one but two!

First Sunday

Jenna got to go to church for the first time this last Sunday and slept the entire time. :) This made me just a little sad because she spent the whole time u=in her car seat and I never got to show off this adorable dress that my good friends gave me! Oh well! She's so much stinken fun!

Good Dog

This is our dog Rocky. He's a boxer and lives up to boxer reputation of being great with kids. Daisy is actually being very tame with him in this photo. She usually acts like she's bronc riding by grabbing his collar and jumping up and down yelling, "Yee Haw!" When he finally has enough he just calmly gets up and she rolls off and says, "Oh. Puppy."


Scott is from Colorado. There are some places that just have die hard fans. A few that come to mind are the Boston Red Sox, the California Raiders, and of course the Denver Broncos. When I came into the Douglas family there were a couple key points before true acceptance. One was, "Are you a Broncos fan?" I was previously a DeWitt and had never watched a football game on purpose so, heck ya I was a Broncos fan! :) I now know what the yellow flag means, which one the tight end is, (not the guy w/ the best hiney), and that those great big guys are essential even if they look like they can't even move. So this is a night at the Douglas home cheering on our Denver Broncos! This is Scott with Daisy and Aiden her cousin.

If you look really close that is a Broncos shirt on even Jenna. Poor girl doesn't even get a choice! As you can see it's getting late for Daisy. (my little grumpy gills).

Yup! Here's the clan. Well, almost! We were missing a few. Can you guess who's the biggest fan of all!? Scott looks a little nuts when he's really excited. Did I mention he wants seven kids because it's John Elway's number?