Thursday, May 7, 2009

Women's Conference!!!!

Imagine 18,000 women all in one room singing "The Lord is my Light". Amazing! The spirit was so strong that everyone stood up and just belted it out! I'm not going to go on and on about the classes and each individual topic. I feel what I really need to do is just share a couple of thoughts and hope it touches whoever it needs to touch. When Elder L.Tom Perry spoke, he shared a video of random people being asked if they knew what the Mormons were or what they believed... What a shock!!! I don't really expect everyone to know what a Mormon is. I don't think I'm that naive. But my heart broke at what people thought they knew about our beliefs! It went from, we aren't Christian, we can't eat chocolate (AHHH!), we have multiple wives, to we ride in horse and buggy and we're not very social! How sad! I felt sick that I'm not doing my part as a Ladder Day Saint! Our job is to share the gospel! Open our mouths and clear up all the crazy nonsence that may be giving us such an interesting reputation. We need to ask friends and family what they DO know about our religion. Then make sure they know that they're WELCOME to ask what they don't know! We are surrounded by people who know we're LDS and won't ask the questions they want to, because they don't want to pry or be rude... Wouldn't it just make your day to have them just ask!? They won't unless you help them! Woo-Hoo! I hope I just lit a fire under your and you also get to work!! I love the gospel! It brings joy into my life daily. I have my sweet eternal family because of the blessings of the Temple and I will be forever greatful to my Heavenly Father for this beautiful life.

We had new family pictures taken!!! We took them at the Mesa Temple where Scott proposed almost 6 years ago! Barf moment: I truly love him 100 times more now than I did then. We have so much fun with our sweet little girls and I couldn't even imagine life without him.

Jenna is STILL PERFECT!!! I love it! She sleeps great, eats great, and smiles when you catch her eye. We get stopped often in stores for people to squeeze her thighs. They are huge. No, really. Huge. I would have it no other way!!!!

Daisy has had it!! No more smiles for anyone anywhere!! Did I mention she's two? Family pictures are rough. It's kind of a love/hate relationship. I love having new family pictures but, I hate, no loathe, getting them taken. They are always priceless in the end though. Once again! My dear friend Keira Poulsen took our pics and she's like 7months prego! Bless her heart.