Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Bit At A Time!

In the fall of every year we head up to Flagstaff and ride the ski lift to enjoy the fall colors. We brought Daisy as a special little date with just her and she loved it!

Is that a happy girl or what?! Daisy's name is so perfect for her. She is such a happy little flower! She skips and sings all the time and has a contagious laugh!

Love, love , love this man. Scott thrives on family fun and I'm so lucky to have a husband who truly values family like he does.

Daisy got to go fishing with Daddy, Nana, and Papa! She caught a ton of fish and can even bait her own hook!

This is her special fishing pole that she will stay entertained with for hours!

If you know me well you know that when I'm pregnant, I pretty much hide in my home until the baby's well out and I'm somewhat back to normal. No joke! I have a friend that keeps tally marks for every time we see each other because it's so rare. I also fail to keep up with all the normal things I would do like blogging! So I am so sorry to anyone that may be sick and tired of checking out our blog and seeing Jenna's fatty face smiling at you in mockery. Like, "Ha ha it's still me!" So this may be a slow process but here goes!


Becka said...

Wow, it's like your back from the!

Ashley Harris said...

I don't like to do anything when I'm pregnant so I can totally relate! That trip looks like so much fun! Oh, and I'm in love with the picture in your header - that is totally your family's personality!!!

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